About Digital Photo Resolution and Professional Digital Photo Printing:

Finest quality photo enlargement and digital photo printing will come from the original resolution photo file right from your camera using our advanced digital photo processing and printing systems. You should let our software systems build the image resolution to 360ppi at the target print size. The photo enlargement will print with precisely the same quality as the original photo.

Artificially boosting the resolution of a photo file through resampling or interpolation using standard over the counter image editing software will actually degrade the original optical quality of the photo. Increasing a digital photo’s resolution will not produce sharper, more detailed images and digital photo prints. Actually, increasing the resolution with software will degrade the photo’s sharpness.

How to View the True Optical or Visual Quality of Your Digital Photo:

To view the actual optical quality of any digital photo you need to display the photo pixels at 100% magnification. If you can see the entire photo on your monitor, you’re not seeing the actual optical quality of the photo. Simply zoom to 100% view in an image editing or display program and this is precisely how the photo enlargement will appear printed, when viewed at a very close distance. You will be viewing the actual visual quality of the original photograph. This is what we consider “original image quality”. The photo viewed at 50% or 25% zoom may be close to how it will appear printed at a normal viewing distance, depending on the original photo’s resolution, your monitor resolution and the actual target print size.

About Cropping your Digital Photo for the Finest Quality Photo Enlargements:

For the finest quality photo enlargements of your digital photo when cropping, make sure you do not alter the original pixel values of the photo. This means, when setting any crop parameters, do not assign a random value for the resolution of the crop. If you set a random resolution, the image editing software will re-build the photo file. This will degrade the actual original photo quality. The degree in which it is degraded is directly related to the percentage of pixel rebuilding required to meet the resolution value set in the crop parameters.

About Enhancing your Digital Photo:

Enhancing your original resolution photo file in terms of levels, curves, brightness or contrast, color saturation or whatever enhancements you use, will not affect the original photo resolution or the quality of the final photo enlargement. However, if your monitor is not calibrated and profiled with color management policies enabled in your image editing software, what you see on the screen may or may not be accurate in terms of embedded image data.

A Note about Digital Camera Settings:

Enhanced digital camera settings such as color saturation, contrast, and especially sharpness, should not be used if you may want photo enlargements. These enhanced settings will produce definite issues with the actual image quality when enlarged. Any enhancements should be applied in a Pro editor such as Photoshop before digital photo printing. Sharpness should be applied after the photo is processed to the enlarged target print size.