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About PhotoArt Imaging Digital Arts Center

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Digital Imaging business: 18 years
Specializing in Wide-Format Digital Photo Printing: 16 years

PhotoArt Imaging Digital Arts Center is a downsized, but highly technical digital photo processing and digital printing studio. We have specialized in working with digital photographs since 1997, and believe me, have things in this business changed and improved since then. The past 15 years have been dedicated to wide-format digital photo printing.

Wide-format digital printing is a horse of a different color when it comes to the file handling and processing techniques required to produce the finest original photo quality prints. Over the years, we have kept it a first priority issue to continue utilizing the latest, most advanced hardware and software systems available, because our position has always been at the high quality end of the scale.

The ultimate goal with us is to have the highest quality for producing our own prints. Some in our small group are photographers, others create original and digital art prints. Showcased in regional art shows and galleries, the works are popular, but don’t generate what’s needed to maintain those high priced software and hardware upgrades needed for optimal print quality.

Taking PhotoArt Imaging to the Web 14 years ago has allowed pursuit of the dream and put fine art images on the walls of thousands of satisfied customers. We truly enjoy helping each and every customer get their imaging project just right, and then hearing about how great the photo print looks…and “the service was so personalized, helpful and fast”. Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction with each and every print order.

Website Content Provider:
Hi, my name is Michael Kruske, and I am Director of Operations and Technical Services here at PhotoArt Imaging. I oversee all business and technical operations and customer service functions. I am the one that makes sure everything runs smoothly and our advanced printing systems are current state of the art systems producing the finest quality digital photo prints.

My background includes fine art studies at a couple major universities, a number of years in the commercial art and illustrator industries and 17 years experience in the field of digital imaging specializing in processing, editing, enhancing and printing digital photos or any digital image. I’ve seen it all when it comes to digital photos over the years, and know what can be done to optimize digital images for the very best presentation and prints.

I provided all of the technical information and articles published on this Website, to help our customers gain knowledge and understand the best digital processing and printing techniques utilized in providing the highest quality photo enlargements.

I look forward to helping you with your particular printing project in any way possible.
Please feel free to contact me or call customer service (719 314-7833) with any questions.

Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833