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Comparison of Digital Photo Printing Quality for Photo Enlargements of Digital Photos

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The page below illustrates some of the differences in print quality you may find between PhotoArt Imaging and other online digital photo printers. To insure you are getting the finest quality photo enlargements possible with your special images, it is recommended you check the printing specifics of any printing source before ordering. There is a wide variety of digital printing parameters available, and many sources opt for the least expensive print systems and materials for obvious reasons.


Printing Resolution:

PhotoArt Imaging – 2880 DPI / Enhanced
Other printers – 600 – 1200 – 1440 DPI


Photographic Papers:

PhotoArt Imaging – 10.5-11.5 mil Thickness 270-300gm/m2 Weight
Other printers – 5-7-8 mil Thickness 150-190gm/m2 Weight


Printing Inks:

PhotoArt Imaging – 10 Color Archival Quality Pigmented Inks Lightfast rated at 75 – 100 years
Other printers – 4-6 Color Dye Inks Lightfast rated at 6mos.-25 years


Digital Photo Enlargement Processing:

PhotoArt Imaging – Technologically Advanced Fractal Algorithmic Resolution Building
Other printers – Simple Image Editing Software Bicubic Image Resampling


Photo Editing, Enhancements:

PhotoArt Imaging – FREE
Other printers – Some Charge Extra


Pre-Print Large Format Processing:

PhotoArt Imaging – State of the Art RIP (raster image processing) and Color Management Software
Other printers – None or Standard Supplied Printer Drivers through Image Editing Software


Digital Photo Enlargement Prints Quality:

PhotoArt Imaging – True Photographic with Archival & Original Image Quality
Other printers – Near Photographic quality possible fading with Processed Image Quality


Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833