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What You Should Know About Photo Cropping and Print Orders

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If a photo requires photo cropping to format to a certain print size, there is a specific method of cropping
that needs to be used to maintain the original visual quality of the photo. If this is not done correctly
the original image will degrade in quality. This is especially true when considering photo enlargements
and larger print sizes. We do offer information on correct photo cropping using Photoshop.


If you place an order with us and the photo submitted needs cropping for the print size ordered,
a professional printing expert will PROPERLY crop the photo at no charge and send you samples to
view and approve before printing the order. We will also make adjustments if requested, to get the
final printed photo right for you with the best possible quality.


Want us to inspect and process your photo(s) before ordering?
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About websites with online cropping tools for Customers to crop their photos for printing.

Caution! – While this may sound like a great idea, this method of formatting photos for print will
degrade the image quality of the photos. Here’s what happens –

The original photo has to be reduced in size to fit on the webpage and into the cropping tool display.
Example – original photo at 3000×2000 pixels. This photo needs to be reduced in size to about
600 pixles wide to fit in cropping tool display. (slight reduction of image original quality)

After the customer crops the photo, it then has to be built up in resolution again to an acceptable
printing resolution which may be anywhere from a 400% to 1000% or more enlargement, depending
on the size of print ordered. This is where the original quality of the photo really degrades.
As with many things…shortcuts are many times not the best way to go.

Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833