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Free Customer Services for Photo Enlargements and Digital Photo Printing

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Free Customer Services:

  • Digital Photo Processing
  • Digital Photo Cropping or Sizing
  • Digital Photo Enhancement
  • Digital Photo Retouching
  • Digital Photo File Types and File Handling

Digital Photo Processing:

Free customer services regarding digital photo processing refers to specialized photo processing to enlarge the original resolution photo to a customer’s requested print size or the size ordered. Our criteria is that any photo enlargements print with the identical visual quality of the original photo. To achieve this, requires highly specialized digital processing software and in some cases, a three step process to boost the image resolution to an acceptable printing resolution at the target print size.

Customers can send us their digital photo for processing to determine the largest print size possible that will print with original photo quality. We will be glad to inspect and process the photo and send you a short report to let you know what maximum size can be printed, including the print formats (print aspect ratios/sizes) available for the photo and pricing. If you have a photo you want analyzed, photo files can be sent through our Website “Order Prints” section Option 2, and please include details such as requested print size in the Special Instructions form space.

If a customer has ordered a print and the photo file sent for this order is too low in resolution for the print size ordered, we will contact the customer regarding these issues before printing and make recommendation on the maximum print size. So rest assured, no print ordered will ever ship with less than optimal image quality possible.

Digital Photo Cropping or Sizing:

We offer our customers free photo cropping and sizing services. Digital photos should be cropped in a specific way so as not to alter the original photo pixel values, for the best quality when producing photo enlargements. This actually means, not entering a certain resolution value for the crop when setting up the crop parameters. If you do this, the cropping software will digitally rebuild the pixels and thereby slightly degrade the original visual quality of the photo.

If you are not sure how to set up cropping parameters in the image editing software you use, simply send us the photo along with the print size you want, and we will crop the photo to size (if needed) and send you a sample to view. If you have ordered a print and the photo for the order requires cropping for the print size, we will send you a sample of the cropped photo for approval before printing the order.

Digital Photo Enhancement:

Even though the newer digital cameras today produce very good images, there are a few aspects of digital photography that can always use a slight amount of correction. We perform minor image enhancements that will improve the image dynamics and vibrancy. These enhancements include tonal balance, brightness and contrast, color saturation and image sharpness adjustments. Enhancements are performed on a “as needed” basis with each individual digital photo. If you prefer your photos be printed “as is”, just let us know when sending your quote request and digital photo files.

Digital Photo Retouching:

Although you may think that digital photos would capture without any type of image defects, many times the image will have a number of pixels that do not register the image capture. These will appear as white dots or pixels, that when printed large become very obvious. When preparing a digital photo for digital photo printing, we zoom into 100% magnification and scan the image for any defects, and retouch the photo as needed for a flawless presentation.

Digital Photo File Types and File Handling:

We can accept any image file type for photo enlargement, digital photo enlargement and digital photo printing. This would include most of the RAW digital camera file types used in many of the newer digital cameras, although it is best to send your RAW files converted to the .tif file format. It is usually recommended that you send your image files as a .jpg, .tif, or .psd.

Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833