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How to Determine Photo Enlargement Sizes for Your Digital Photos

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Determining what photo enlargement sizes a digital photo will produce is fairly easy. If you have a version of Photoshop or another image editing application with similar features, it is very easy to figure out photo enlargement print sizes. If you don’t have an image editing application, all you need to know is either the actual size of the existing original digital photo in inches, or the pixel dimensions of the digital photo.

Determining photo enlargement printing sizes with Photoshop:
All you need to do is open the original digital photo in Photoshop.
Go to the “Image Size” window.
For Photoshop CS versions – click image > image size
For Photoshop Elements versions – click image > resize > image size (may vary)
Note the Document Size section with width / height / resolution fields.
Make sure “constrain proportions” is checked.
Select (blue out) either width or height and enter any value you are considering for photo enlargement print size in inches.
The software will give you the corresponding dimension for an overall enlargement size.
IMPORTANT – when done, “Cancel” image size window to not apply changes.

Determining photo enlargement printing sizes knowing photo size in inches or pixels:
For this exercise we will use a digital photo with the following default sizes –
size in inches – 12 x 16
pixel dimensions – 2736 x 3648
Simply divide the larger number by the smaller number, either inches or pixels, for a ratio value. With the above example the value is 1.33.
Say you want an enlargement 30″ on the short side of the photo.
Multiply 30″ by 1.33 = 40″ (round up)
Overall photo enlargement size = 30 x 40.
Say you want an enlargement 24″ on the long side of the photo.
Divide 24″ by 1.33 = 18″
Overall photo enlargement size = 18 x 24.
This method of figuring overall photo enlargement print sizes is not precise due to the fact of rounding off numbers for ratio values and print sizes, but it will give you a very close estimate of your digital photo’s enlargement sizes.

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