Photo Enlargements and Photo Prints from Digital Photos
Experience the Impact of Ultra-Fine, Gallery Quality Professional Digital Photo Printing

Pro Quality Prints from Digital PhotosPhoto enlargements of your digital photos or digital image files
with absolute original photo quality is our specialty and only business.

Highly advanced digital photo enlargement and processing software along with cutting edge digital photo printing systems produce amazing, fine quality photo prints.

We can take your treasured photographic moments and create amazing, fine quality professional photo enlargements you’ll be proud to display for years to come.

Introduction to Digital Photo Enlargement:

Welcome… to the world of Ultra-Fine Quality Digital Photo Enlargements and Digital Photo Printing.
Our core specialties are photo enlargements to sizes ranging from 11×14 to 40×60 plus. Digital photo printing is the finest quality available today, archival quality, non-fading, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Digital Photo Enlargement & Digital Photo Printing…
is all about the resolution of the digital photo you want to print. The resolution is
expressed in pixels per inch, or in inches with the image DPI (dots per inch).
Put simply, the higher the resolution, the larger the image can be printed while
maintaining original image quality.

There are misconceptions on the resolution required to produce a large film quality
print. Utilizing very advanced, state of the art digital photo processing software,
and a unique file handling methodology, developed over 12 years of wide format
digital photo printing experience, we produce true film quality prints, well beyond
sizes that are normally expected with digital photo printing performed at 2880 dpi.

We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of digital photo enlargements,
so never recommend a print size larger than possible for original image quality.

So how large can your photos be printed… The best way to analyze your
photo’s print options is to process the image through our software and physically
inspect the results. By inspecting various elements of the processed image for
presentation quality, we can determine the maximum recommended size that
will yield original image quality. Not all digital camera makes and models enlarge
equally, so it is important to process each individual photo file to determine it’s
digital photo enlargement capabilities.


Digital Photo Enlargement Service Features:

Photo Art Imaging is your premier source for photo enlargements. Our custom online digital photo printing service provides state of the art photo enlargement and ultra-fine, high quality digital photo printing resolutions for custom digital photo printing output that is truly comparable to conventional film prints.

Our photo enlargements are produced using highly advanced, state of the art software that creates photo prints with original photo quality. When you consider all the benefits PhotoArt Imaging offers, there is no other choice for fine quality digital photo enlargements in sizes up to 43×74 plus.

Save 16-33% on Premium Professional Quality Photo Enlargement Printing.
Offered on 2 Professional grade photographic papers, the finest quality available.
High Gloss (100% gloss factor) – 11.5mil 300gm/m2
Semi-Matte (20% gloss factor) – 10.5mil 270gm/m2
Genuine Satin finish Artist Canvas (appx. 20% gloss factor) – Genuine canvas material – 19mil / 350gm
with a pre-applied protective coating producing the satin finish. Canvas prints ship with 2″
of extra material around the actual printed image size for use in stretching the canvas.

EMAIL or UPLOAD your digital files: Digital Photos, Digital Art or any Digital Image File.
Average turnaround on digital photo enlargements order: 3-5 business days.
or less if ordered with Express shipping.

Is Customer Service important to you?
We provide FREE digital photo processing and technical assistance and services
for which many of our competitors charge extra.

One real benefit we offer is the “Personalized Service” we provide each customer.
This means working with you to get your imaging project right, and printed at the highest quality available.
Details on FREE Customer Services Here.


About Photo Enlargements and Digital Photo File Types:

We can accept any image file type for photo enlargements and digital photo printing. This would include most of the RAW digital camera file types used in many digital cameras. You can send us the digital photo file in the RAW format, and we will convert the file for digital photo processing. It is usually recommended that you send your image files as a .jpg, .tif, .psd or digital camera RAW file format.

Sending your Image Files:
Generally, if your photo file is in the .jpg format, the file can be sent by attaching
to an email. If the file is a .tif, .psd or Raw file, it may need to be uploaded to our
Website due to the larger file sizes produced with these file formats. Our upload page
contains complete uploading instructions that are easy to understand for any average
computer user. Our file upload forms are located in the “Order Prints” section of the Website.

About emailing photo files –
Many ISP’s limit the file size allowed for email attachments.
Guide: Email files – 10mb or less / Upload files – 10mb or more


Photo Enlargements from Digital Photos – Print Sizes Guide:

The Webpage Linked HERE outlines the size of photo enlargement you can expect from your digital camera, based on the camera’s resolution in pixels, or megapixels. The examples are considering the rated digital camera being set on the highest image quality or camera resolution.

To achieve original image quality photo prints at photo enlargement Sizes,
the digital photo file should be handled in the following manner:

Do not resample, resize or interpolate the original digital photo file from the camera. Artificially boosting resolution through resampling before we process the file through our advanced enlargement and raster image processing software, may degrade the original quality of the photo The original file from the camera will yield the best results.

Do not sharpen the photo before photo enlargement. This will have the same effect on the image as resampling the digital photo file. Sharpening the photo should be the last function performed on the image after enlargement to the target print size.

Important Note:
Not all digital camera make and models with the same megapixel rating enlarge equally. Some perform much better than others. The best way to determine the photo enlargement size possible with your digital photo(s) is to send us the file(s) and we will process to the maximum recommended size which will still maintain original image quality, and send you an analysis report. No charge for this service.


Digital Photo Enlargement and Digital Photo Processing:

There are a lot misconceptions floating around when it come to what can and cannot be done with digital photos in regards to enlarging and the resolution required to produce a very high quality digital photo enlargement. It seems that anyone who gets their hands on a copy of Photoshop and plays around with it for a couple months, deems themselves an expert in digital processing and photo enlargements.

The fact is, most people who are spouting all this supposed expertise, are not even familiar with the advanced software systems available today for digital photo enlargements. The most important component of digital photo enlargements is the RIP software (raster image processing) utilized in the final step of image preparation before sending the image to the printer. Simple image interpolation or resampling for digital photo enlargements will produce a slightly degraded image with unsatisfactory print results.

The second most important factor in high quality digital photo enlargements is the use of an advanced fractal resolution building software. This software is something like 2-3 times better at boosting image resolution than the bicubic resampling system used by Photoshop. Proper file handling and a methodology developed over 12 years of specializing in wide format digital photo printing, is the final ingredient needed to produce the finest quality digital photo enlargements possible from any given input digital file.

When you put it all together, using the proper file handling methodology, it is possible to achieve results with digital photo enlargements that many will claim is impossible. That is one of the reasons we stand behind our digital photo printing with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We also guarantee you will be amazed at the Fine Quality of our professional grade, custom digital photo prints. They are truly film quality, and for those who love B&W photography, our digital photo printing system produces true B&Ws, using black and light black inks with no typical digital ink jet color casts on the digital print.


About Digital Photo Enlargement and Photo Print Image Quality:

Now that you have purchased one of the newer generation digital cameras, and have captured a few images that are better than you expected, you want to know how large you can print this image and maintain original image quality. There are only two aspects that apply for the answer to that question. One, what is the the pixel resolution of the digital photo file you want to enlarge, and two, how is the actual quality of the captured photograph?

The digital photo’s pixel resolution is the main factor when considering digital photo enlargement possibilities. Even though the software systems we employ can produce amazing results, there are most definitely limits to what can be accomplished and still maintain original image quality. The best method of determining an images maximum recommended size is to process the digital photo through our software and inspect various elements of the digital photo for the onset of the image degrading.

Not all digital camera image sensor files enlarge equally. As a matter of fact, some digital camera chips produce images that will enlarge much better than others. So the only true answer here is to send us your digital photo and we will process the image to your requested size, check for quality, and send you an image report stating the maximum recommended digital photo enlargement size for your image. We provide this service at no charge.

The actual quality of the captured image simply means, how good of a photograph is it. You need to consider the exposure, focus, framing and any camera shake that may exist, when thinking about very large photo prints. Elements that may not enter into play at smaller print sizes (8×10), all of a sudden become real issues when the image is printed something like 32×40.

One of the major problems with larger prints is when the photographer has zoomed to much to get in close to a subject. Excessive zooming on every point and shoot digital camera will produce a slightly blurred, out of focus image. You will not notice it so much printed small, but becomes very evident when printed large. Of course, the same principal applies to camera shake. Then, if you take into consideration both issues, a far off subject zoomed into view, and not using a tripod and remote or timed shutter release, well, I think you get the picture (or maybe not!).


Digital Photo Enlargement and Digital Photo Printing:
Not all wide format digital photo printing systems are created equal!

When thinking about photo enlargements and digital photo printing, there are a few points you need to consider before deciding on who will print the images. Those points would be, the type and range of ink colors the printer uses, the type and grade of photographic papers used and the actual printer resolution and size of the print head nozzles. These factors will affect the longevity of the print and how finely detailed the digital photo is printed.

The type of inks used in a digital photo printing system is extremely important if you want non-fading prints that will last for generation. Many printers use less expensive dye based inks which can produce a very good print, but their drawback is in the life of the print. Of course, light is the problem here, and certain ambient lighting conditions are much more harmful than others, but there are no dye based inks that will withstand the test of time in any lighting conditions.

The best, long lasting inks today are pigmented inks. This type of ink works in conjunction with the coating of the photographic paper to produce an image that is stable, durable and very long lasting, most rated between 75-100 years in accelerated testing conditions. The pigmented inks we use are the finest quality available containing resins that actually cure to provide an extremely stable and durable print.

The number of colors used to print images is important, so as to create a wide color gamut. A wide color gamut will more closely represent the true colors of the original image and nature. Our digital photo printing system uses 10 colors to produce a very wide color gamut and we utilize sophisticated color management software to insure the colors of the original image are truly represented in the finished print.

The foundation of any product is really the most important part. The foundation for digital photo printing would be the papers. There is a great variety of photographic papers available. Less expensive papers are thinner with lighter ink jet coating, which create a less stable and durable image. If you are shopping around, you may notice that many, less expensive prints are produced on 7 mil papers with dye based inks. The highest quality photographic papers come in 11 mil thickness and these are the only photographic papers we use. We also have available 21 mil genuine Satin Finish Artist Canvas, for those very special, memorable photographs.

The actual digital photo printing resolution along with the size of the print head nozzles has everything to do with how fine the details of the image print. Many commercial ink jet printers boast of 600 or even 1200 DPI print resolutions. Wide format ink jet printers also employ multi-pass image applications which helps to produce a fuller image, but the real issue here is resolution DPI. We believe our printer is the best on the market today. With a print resolution of 2880 DPI and extremely fine print head nozzles, the output on our digital photo printing system is absolutely solid tone in appearance.