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Digital Imaging Tech Tips

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This section is designed to provide our customers with tips and advice on processing their digital photos and files. We will cover topics that are most often encountered while assisting customers with their imaging projects. Article topics will include basic digital imaging techniques, processing digital photos for printing, photo enlargement and more.

Index of Articles:

Photo Enlargement Basics for Digital Photos
+++++Best method for processing digital photos for photo enlargement and printing.

Digital Camera Basics
+++++Basic tips for getting the best photos from your digital camera.

Computer Monitors and Digital Color
+++++What to know about monitors before photo enhancement.

Photo Enlargement and Film Photos
+++++Points to consider before digital enlargement of film photos.

Photo Enlargement and Digital Photo Enhancement
+++++What digital photo enhancements to make before photo enlargement.

Photo Enlargement and Cropping of Digital Photos
+++++How to enlarge and crop digital photos for the best print quality.

Advanced Photo Enlargement Processing for Digital Photos
+++++How to produce very large print sizes with original image quality.

How to Scan Film Photos for Photo Enlargement
+++++A technique for determining scanning resolution needed for a target print size.

How to Level and Crop Digital Photos
+++++A simple technique for altering image orientation of Digital Photos.

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Customer Service: 719 314-7833