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Knowledge of “YOUR CAMERA” Digital Level D-3 (Workshop) Understanding full control of Manual settings.

This is where you are in full control of every aspect of your photograph. Controlling your exposure, movement in your photograph and the amount of your photograph in focus (Depth of Filed).
Your will learn a solid foundation for how Depth of Field, Exposure and Shutter Speed effects each aspect of your photograph as well as how to set custom camera modes and custom function buttons on your camera. This workshop is designed for someone who is looking to control all aspects of there photograph and special lighting conditions.

Course type: Workshop
Duration of training: 5 Hours
Maximum class size: 4

Scheduled Dates:

Whats Covered:

  • Camera Shooting modes (M) Manual, and (C) Custom.
  • Custom Function Buttons*.
  • Understanding the effects of ISO on your exposure and image quality.
  • Understand how White Balance (temperature) will effect the overall color of your image (ie. cool or warm).
  • Understanding how your camera manual focus works and setting the camera and/or lens to Manual Focus during daylight.
  • External Shutter Release – Single frame (Trigger) and continuous mode.
  • Image quality for JPEG & RAW (record mode).
  • Custom menu settings for Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Gradation, Color Filter, Monochrome Color, Film Grain Effect, Button Function Assignment.
  • Multiple Exposures.
  • Time Lapse Exposures.


What’s Included:

  • 4 Hours of field instruction
  • PDF guide sheets for your camera (Developed by Kenny for this workshop)
  • Tripod to use during the workshop
  • External Trigger / Shutter release, to use during the workshop.
  • Camera body and lens and all accessories needed if you don’t have a camera. (Limited number of camera systems for loan first come first serve.

Who Should Attend:

  • New camera owners, and persons wanting to understand their camera shooting modes and menus.

What to bring:

  • DLSR, Mirrorless, or compact (point and shoot) camera.
  • Fully charged battery (plus extra battery if you have one).
  • Empty memory card (plus extra memory card if you have one)

Equipment that we provide, However if your have your own bring them:

  • Tripod
  • External Trigger / Shutter release.

Suggested clothing:

  • Layer clothing – most of the workshop is outdoors.
  • Hiking shoes; the terrain is un-level and rocky.
  • Hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bug repellent.


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