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The Highest Resolution Printer available powered by the Ultimate Image Enhancing Software Create amazing HD Photo Enlargements and Prints.

About Orders, Refunds and Shipping of Photo Enlargements

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Direct online ordering of photo enlargements and photo prints:

You can order photo enlargements and digital photo prints directly online through our Website. Digital photo prints are offered in three different size formats for standard print sizes, standard format digital camera and wide format digital camera image sizes.

The online ordering is through a shopping cart system using Paypal payment services. When you press the order button on any of the direct ordering pages, you are processing the information on Paypal’s highly secure Website. All personal and financial information provided when processing an order is completely secure on Paypal’s Website.

After your order is processed and completed, Paypal immediately notifies us of the order and it’s details. You will receive an order confirmation from Paypal and us outlining the scheduled printing and shipping time for your order. Average orders processed and completed by 2pm MT will print the next day and ship the following business day. USPS Priority shipping is estimated at 2-3 days delivery.

Requesting a Price Quote:

If you choose to complete and send a price quote request for your imaging project, we will evaluate your digital image files sent according to your requested parameters in the quote form, and send you a formal price quote for your project. The formal price quote will contain an image(s) evaluation report and a credit card payment option.

To order the project, simply click the “Pay Here” button and you will be taken to Paypal’s secure Website for order processing. After your order is processed and complete, Paypal will send you an order confirmation. We will also send you an order confirmation with the scheduled printing and shipping time. Average orders processed by 2pm MT will usually print the next day and ship the following business day. USPS Priority shipping is 2-3 day delivery.

For orders placed with film photographs, you need to send the original photos to our studio for processing along with a printed copy of your formal price quote. Original photos are safely returned with ordered prints.

About Order Refunds:

Revised orders:
Orders placed online through Paypal payment services are subject to immediate partial or full refunds to the credit card account used to place the order. If you decide to make changes to your original completed order, and your revision means a balance is owed you due to the revision, we will process an immediate refund to the amount used to process the order, for the amount of the balance.

Cancelled orders:
If for any reason you decide to cancel your order placed with a credit card or eCheck through Paypal payment services, we will process a full order refund to the account used to place the order. Notification of order cancellations must be received before the scheduled printing time for that order.

Order Shipping Details:

Change in shipping mode or carrier:
If you have placed an order with upgraded USPS Express shipping and then decide to downgrade the shipping mode to USPS Priority, and have used Paypal to process this order, we will refund the difference in shipping cost. This will be with an immediate refund to the account used to place the order.

If you have processed and order online or through a formal price quote with shipping cost included, and decide you would like to use your own carrier and shipping account, we will make an immediate refund to you for the shipping costs contained in the order. This applies to orders place through Paypal. The refund will be processed after your shipper has picked up the shipment.

Packaging orders:
All printed orders are carefully inspected for any flaws or damage before packaging. Prints in sizes up to and including 11×14 are trimmed to printed size and placed in envelopes. The envelopes are then placed in a 2.5x12x15 USPS Priority mail box with cushioning tissue paper and shipped.

Digital photo prints larger than 11×14 are layered in sheets of tissue paper, top and bottom, rolled on a cylinder and inserted in 4 inch diameter commercial grade mailing tubes for shipment. Digital prints of 16×20 and larger are trimmed with a 5/8″ or more extra margin for ease of mounting.

Shipping carrier:
We use the United States Postal Service for order delivery. Standard shipping mode is with Priority mail 2-3 day delivery. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, and delivery is Monday through Saturday. P.O. Box delivery is acceptable.

Upgraded USPS Express delivery is available at an extra charge. This is 1-2 day delivery. Overnight delivery is available to many zip codes in the US.

Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833