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Photography Workshops & Retreats Dark Skies – New Mexico USA

Dark Skies photography and workshops, are a great time to enjoy the magical clear dark skies of New Mexico. We provide all the necessary camera equipment accessories for your to take beautiful Dark Skies photographs. This is a great time to test out equipment that we provide and you leave with a better idea of what you need to continue your night photography.

What ever the weather is we will make the best of it and photography some amazing landscape and/or skies (Except for a complete down poor).

Equipment that we provide (Your welcome to bring your own):

  • Remote trigger with interval shooting option for 1 camera (for most cameras, please send us your camera make and model to see if trigger is available).
  • Remote Lightning detection trigger.
  • Cell phone / tablet holder for tripod.
  • Night vision headlight with red LED.
  • Camera rain protection.
  • Tripod medium stability with sand bags for increased stability. (Learn how to make you current tripod work for night photography).
  • Different style of tripod mounts, ie Ball head, gear-head, pan tilt and swivel, fluid head, pistol grip.
  • Light painting and foreground lighting equipment.
  • Rain protection for camera (Use at your own risk).

Photography events that could happen depending on weather conditions and time of year:

  • Milky Way
  • Star Trials
  • Lightning
  • Meteor Shower (Depending on time of year)
  • Sunrises
  • Sunsets