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The Highest Resolution Printer available powered by the Ultimate Image Enhancing Software Create amazing HD Photo Enlargements and Prints.

Photo Enlargements from Film Photo Prints, Negatives, Slides and Transparencies

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State of the art digital photo enlargement and processing software, high resolution photo or image scanning, along with sophisticated digital photo printing systems produce premium quality photo enlargements and prints for film photos.

Introduction to Photo Enlargements of Film Photos:

Digital Film Processing:
Digital photo processing of photographs taken on film:
Photo Prints – Photo Negatives – Photo Transparencies

PhotoArt Imaging offers photo enlargement services for photographs captured on film. We provide digital photo enlargement for photo prints, photo negatives and photo slides and transparencies. Photo enlargements are processed by scanning your original photographs at up to 3200ppi with 48 bit color, or 16 bit B&W, and utilizing state of the art digital photo enlargement software.

Custom digital photo printing is performed with 10 color pigmented inks and professional quality photographic papers at 2880 dpi, for the finest quality digital photo prints available. Our digital photo prints are non-fading, archival quality Giclee’ prints, and we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Film Photo Enlargement Service Features:

Fine Quality Digital Film Processing, Photo Enlargement and Prints.
Experience and cutting edge software produce premium quality prints.

Specializing in digital film processing with state of the art image processing and color management software systems. Printer 10 color HDR Ultrachrome inks and 2880 DPI print resolution for true, film quality digital photo prints.
Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

Save 16-33% on Premium Quality Photo Enlargements and Digital Photo Printing of film photos as compared to the cost in average local retail markets.

Photo prints are available on 2 Professional grade photographic papers:
+++High Gloss (100% gloss factor / 11mil) / Semi-Matte (20% gloss factor / 10.5mil)
+++and Genuine Satin finish Artist Canvas (20% gloss factor / 19mil).

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Digital Photo Processing: Advanced Cutting Edge Processing and Printing Software.

-Photo Enlargements: Processed and Printed with Original Photo Quality.

-Digital Photo Printing: Extreme 2880DPI Printing Resolution powered by Advanced RIP software.

-Finest Quality Inks: HDR Ultrachrome 10 color, pigmented and non-fading (Giclee’)

-Premium Quality Photographic Papers: Professional Grade, Resin Coated.

-FREE Personalized, Professional Tech Assistance & Service.

-100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Film Photo Enlargement Digital Processing Details:

Digital Photo Processing of Film Photographs:
PhotoArt Imaging can process and enlarge your photographs captured on film. Whether the photograph is in the form of a print, slide, negative or transparency, we can digitize the image utilizing a high resolution scanner equipped with high color bit depth capture, for true color representation of the original photo. The higher resolution files produced can create larger print sizes maintaining original photo quality.

Digital Film Processing for:
Photographic Prints – any print size up to 8″ x 10″.
Photographic Negatives – 35mm up to 4″ x 5″ in size.
PhotographicTransparencies – 35mm up to 4″ x 5″ in size

Digital Film Processing details:
The size to which your particular original photo can be enlarged is greatly dependent on the condition and quality of the original photo. Standard photo prints can be excellent, clear and with sharp detail. This type of photo print can be printed very large and still look great. If the original print looks a little grainy at a smaller size, like 4×6, enlarging will also enlarge the grain.

Bottom line…the enlarged print will look exactly like the original, only MUCH larger, accentuating any defects. Many of the defects produced can be retouched or fixed digitally, but this requires an additional charge. This also is the rule of thumb for negatives and transparencies, although it may be more difficult to judge the condition of the original.

The above guidelines apply most when producing larger size prints, in the 16×20 and larger print sizes. A good quality 8×10 print, 4×5 negative or transparency can be enlarged to 40×60 with excellent quality prints.

Before enlarging any photograph, simply take a very close look at the photo and try to determine the physical and optical condition. We include minor retouching with every scan, but some originals require more than “minor” touch-ups (5-10 min.). More major retouching is charged at the standard digital retouching rate and can not be estimated until we view the original photograph.

Film Photo Enlargement Digital Processing Prices and How to Order:

Digital Film Processing: Scan and process original Film photo – 4.00 per photo

Photo Restoration – 35.00 per hour

Photo Retouching – 35.00 per hour

Special visual effects – 35.00 per hour

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Send your original photo to us for processing.
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(original photo is returned with photo enlargements)

After we receive your photo, process to your requested print size and check for print quality at your requested size, we will contact you for order approval. If we do not recommend printing at your requested size, or if there are other issues with your project, we will send a detailed report.

When the order is approved, we will send a custom online quote/invoice containing a credit card payment option. Order is confirmed by payment and ships 24-48 hours after order confirmation.

You will receive your print(s) in 2-3 business days (on average).

Talk in person with a REAL Photo Printing Expert!…
Customer Service: 719 314-7833