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Printing Options for Photo Enlargements

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Standard Print Sizes:

We offer a full selection of standard print sizes ranging from 5×7 to 43×74 available for ordering online. Standard print sizes would be sizes commonly used in the imaging industry with ready made frames available for purchase in major arts and crafts stores or major retail outlets.The full uncropped photo from digital cameras require photo cropping to produce most standard print sizes. Some photo enlargements are the exact size the digital camera produces. The print size / price charts on our Website show the details of different print sizes for standard print sizes, point and shoot compact digital cameras and advancerd SLR digital cameras. We can crop any photo you send to any print size at no charge to the customer.


Square Print Sizes:

In recent years, square prints have become very popular. We can print your photos or any digital image in the square format at any size. We offer a large number of square print sizes that can be ordered directly online. All digital photos downloaded from the digital camera, or the default image format from the camera, will require photo cropping to produce square prints, unless you have a newer digital cameras that offers an image format setting with the aspect ratio of 1:1, which produces a square image. You can send us the photo that you have processed to a square format for printing, or we can crop your original photo to your requested square print size and send a sample back for viewing before palcing an order.


Custom Print Sizes:

We can print any custom size photo enlargements. If you have cropped your original digital photo just by sight or for an artistic look that appeals to you, chances are, the cropped photo will produce a custom size photo enlargement. That’s no problem for us since we can print any custom size. Custom print sizes will need to be custom framed or you will need to have a custom matte cut for the print and framed in a larger sized standard frame. Another option for custom size photo enlargements is to produce a standard print size, for standard off the shelf frames, using the technique described below in the “cross format composite print” section.Panoramic photos are very popular now, and we can print panoramic photos that have been stitched with specialized software of just cropped out of a single photograph. Panoramic prints will also need to be custom framed.


Gallery Wrap Canvas Printing:

We offer superior quality photo enlargements printed on Satin Finish Artist Canvas. Our canvas is a professional grade genuine canvas material with a pre-applied protective coating that provided the satin sheen. No final canvas surface applications are required with our canvas prints.We can print your images for the very popular Gallery Wrap presentation. This presentation features wrapping the printed image around the edge of the stretcher bar framework so no additional frame is needed when hanging the piece. When printing the original photo for this Gallery Wrap presentation, you have to take into consideration the depth or thickness of the stretcher bar frame when determining the overall print size needed in relation to the final flat surface frame size.

As a general rule of thumb, 2″ per frame side should be added to the final surface frame size for use when stretching the canvas over the stretcher bar frame. This means a total of 4″ per print side should be added to determine an overall print size for a Gallery Wrap.

Gallery Wrap example –
Finished flat surface frame size = 16×20
Add 4″ per print side for wrapping print
Total overall print size for a 16×20 Gallery Wrap = 20×24

The chart below shows some common frame sizes with the overall print size needed for the Gallery Wrap framing option. Of course, we would be glad to walk you through your photo enlargement project for Gallery Wrap Canvas prints.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Print:
You can see how the depth of the framework must be taken into account to determine the overall print size needed for Gallery Wrap framing.

Gallery wrap canvas print

Split Frame Gallery Wrap:
To take your Satin Canvas Gallery Wrap printing to the next level, you may consider split frame Gallery Wrap printing. We can help you put together a custom printing package for your favorite image that will have an amazing presentation. More about split frame prints below…

Split frame gallery wrap print

Finished Flat Surface
Frame Size:

16×20 – canvas print size to order – 20×24
18×24 – canvas print size to order – 22×28
20×24 – canvas print size to order – 24×28
20×30 – canvas print size to order – 24×34
22×28 – canvas print size to order – 26×32
24×30 – canvas print size to order – 28×34
24×36 – canvas print size to order – 28×40
28×35 – canvas print size to order – 32×39


Cross Format Composite Prints:

Cross format composite printing is a method of creating print sizes with photos of different formats than the final print size. Let’s say you have a frame or want the print at a certain size and do not want the original photo cropped. Problem is, the original photo would have to be cropped to fit in the frame you have, or to produce the certain print size you want. There is an answer to this problem.A composite image can be created making the overall background the print size you need with the original uncropped photo sized slightly smaller to fit into the overall print size. When this is done, the print will have a simulated matte around the actual image and due to the conflicting formats, this matte area will not be of equal widths on all four sides. Two of the print sides will be slightly smaller than the other two sides. However, the finished print will have an artistic presentation and the original photograph will not be cropped.

The examples below will illustrate the cross format composite print process.
This composite print process will work with any photo and print formats having different aspect ratios and for any print size ranges.

Original Photo – Wide Format:
Example – you have a beautiful 16×20 frame you want to use for this family photo. The original photo is from an SLR digital camera and is a wide format photo which produces a 16×24 print size.

Original digital photo

Photo Cropped to 16×20:
After cropping the photo to 16×20 to fit the frame you want to use, you are not happy with the way the photo looks. You want to use the original photo without any cropping.

Photo cropped to 16x20

Cross Format Composite Print:
We created a background that is 16×20 to fit your frame and sized the original uncropped photo to 18″ wide and placed in the center of the 16×20 background. The finished print has an overall print size of 16×20 with the full frame original photo and a simulated matte area around the photo. This example has a white matte area.

Cross format composite print

Composite Print with Black Matte:
Another example of the same composite print with a black matte area.

Cross format print black matte

Composite Print with Color Matte:
Another example of the same composite print with a color matte area. The matte area is a color selected from within the original photograph. The color was taken from the sweater of the center girl.

Cross format print with image color matte

Composite Print with Color Matte:
The last example of the same composite print with a color matte area. The color was selected from a standard color chart. The matte area of a composite print can be any color that would work best for your application or decor.

Cross format print with standard color matte


Split Frame Prints:

Split frame prints are created by taking a single photo enlargement and cropping the final image into sections for framing or display with space between the print sections. This is a very popular display option and adds interest and dynamics to the overall image presentation.The options for split frame prints are limited only by your imagination. The process is really quite simple and the cropping of the original photo enlargements does not effect the print quality. The original photo enlargements are sized to their final overall output print size, and then sectioned into individual print sizes. The sectioned prints are sized by a pre-determined display outline fashioned by the customer.

Split Frame Print – 2 Sections:
This is an example of a split frame print of two equal sections. The splits could be vertical or horizontal.

2 Section split frame print

Split Frame Print – 3 Equal Sections:
This is an example of a split frame print of three equal sections. The splits could be vertical or horizontal.

3 Equal sections split frame print

Split Frame Print – 3 unequal Sections:
This is an example of a split frame print with 3 sections, the right and left sections of equal size and the center section larger by about 30%. The number of sections and sizes could be of multiple configurations.

Split frame print 3 unequal sections

Split Frame Print – Custom:
As you can see from this split frame print example, your imagination is the only limit to possibilities. Let your imagination go and see what you come up with for a truly one of a kind display for your favorite photos.

Custom split frame print

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