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How to Upload Multiple Digital Photo Files for Photo Enlargements

Send up to 15 Photo Files per Upload:

  • Send image files thru the upload form below. Send one file or up to 15 files per upload.
  • Enter Contact Email
  • Special Instructions – Please tell us what you would like,  Ie to review your image for resolution, can my image be enlarged to width x height,  or any message and click the first “Browse” button to open the first image file.
    (click “Browse” button > navigate to file > select file > click open)
  • Click second “Browse” button to open the second image file.
  • Repeat until all the image files you are sending are open in the Upload Form.
  • Click “Upload Files” to send. Please wait until upload completes – “Files Sent Successfully” message.
  • If you are sending more than 15 files, after the upload completes,
    click “return upload form” and repeat steps above.

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