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The Highest Resolution Printer available powered by the Ultimate Image Enhancing Software Create amazing HD Photo Enlargements and Prints.

About Digital Photo Printing and the Wide Format Digital Photo Printer

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Introduction to Digital Photo Printing Services:</p >

We are proud to offer ultra-fine, gallery quality digital photo printing with non-fading, 10 color 2880 dpi digital photo prints. Our wide format digital photo printing system can produce digital photo print enlargements in sizes up to 40×60 or more with print capacities at 43″ wide by lengths far exceeding 72″. We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee on digital photo print enlargements. Custom online digital photo printing services are available for those specialized personal or commercial imaging projects. Orders placed online can have a turnaround time of 3-5 business days, and our custom online digital photo printing service provides free digital photo processing services.</p >

Digital Photo Printing Specifications:
Printer, Inks and Photographic papers.

Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 9900
Inks: UltraChrome HDR- 10 color, pigmented, archival and non-fading
Media: Finest quality available, professional grade 10.5-11mil, photographic coated.
++++++3 finishes: Gloss, Semi-Matte, Satin Finish Artist Canvas

True Film Quality B&W Digital Photo Printing.</p >

Most digital photo printing systems use a combination of colors to produce B&W images. This results in a faint color cast (usually bluish) over the image. Our advanced system prints with black and light black inks creating true B&W digital photo printing.</p >

Digital Photo Printing Processing Details:
Professional Quality Digital Photo Printing –
How we produce the Finest Quality Digital Photo Printing available.

  • State of the art Digital Photo Processing software creates a high quality digital photo input file.
  • Specialized fractal resolution boosting software builds finer detailed pixels in the digital photo enlargement.
  • Extremely sophisticated RIP (raster image [photo] processing), and color management software re-process the file to 360ppi for fine quality digital photo printing.
  • Wide format ink jet printer utilizes 10 colors for a wide color gamut, extremely fine 4 picoliter print head nozzles, and 2880dpi digital photo printing resolutions.
  • All photographic papers are of the the highest quality available, professional grade 10.5-11.5mil, with printer designed ink jet coatings for truer color management characteristics.
  • All 11 color inks are high grade pigmented, non-fading and Archival. Independently rated at 75-100 years under average display conditions.

About the Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Digital Printer:
The world’s most desirable photographic printer.

Professional Photo Enlargement PrinterWelcome to the most desirable photographic printer ever produced by Epson – the all-new EPSON Stylus® Pro 9900 Series. Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s best-known photographers and printmakers, Epson created the next generation 44-inch photographic printers that will produce some of the world’s most exciting photographic prints.Representing advancements in ink, print head and printer engine design, the professional level EPSON Stylus Pro 9900 Series incorporates technologies that have never before been available to printing professionals.

A true milestone in high-tech pigmented ink technology – EPSON HDR UltraChrome™ Ink can produce color prints with a color gamut approaching today’s standard dye ink technologies. And for the first time, produce great looking black and white photography capable of satisfying demanding black and white photographers.

Taking full advantage of EPSON UltraChrome Ink technology, Epson created a brand new MicroPeizo DX3™ print head able to produce an astonishing resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 dpi. Designed specifically to handle 10 color printing, Epson’s most advanced print head will ensure a level of photographic quality that must been seen to be believed

Integrating all this technology together is a brand new printer engine design, capable of handling virtually any media type up to 44-inch wide. Incorporating innovative ideas in a wide format print engine such as true BorderFree™ printing, intelligent high-capacity ink systems, easy loading ink and media, and fast print speeds, the all new EPSON Stylus Pro 9900 printer will become the workhorse of any creative professional.

With the introduction of the EPSON Stylus Pro 9900, Epson has once again set the standard for professional level photographic printing. Never before have creative professionals had such a powerful tool allowing them to produce their vision without compromise.

About our Premium Quality Professional Digital Printing Media:

Professional Gloss Photographic Paper
A 11.5-mil, 300 gram resin-coated paper that boasts many of the fine qualities typical of true photographic prints. This specialty paper is perfect for photographic reproductions and graphic designs that require high quality paper with a smooth, high gloss surface. It ensures professional quality prints.
Print high quality photos for glass frames, photo albums and enlargements
Ultra-smooth, bright white, heavyweight paper with a high gloss finish
Smudge and water-resistant

Professional Semi-Matte Photographic Paper
10.5-mil, 270 gram Professional Semi-Matte paper delivers a traditional photographic look with less glare. This is a lightly textured, low gloss paper. Designed for the professional portrait and wedding photographer, this product is water and scratch-resistant.
10.5-mil resin-coated base
Versatile low gloss finish
High D-Max
Brilliant color reproduction
True photographic appearance
Highest resolution output

Satin Finish Artist Canvas Heavy 19 mil 350gm Water-resistant
Instant Dry Satin Artist Canvas represents the latest in microporous coating technology partnered with an artist canvas designed for the professional. This 19mil, woven, cotton fabric is ideal for fine art reproductions that will be stretched and mounted. The instant dry coating is water-resistant and is highly resistant to cracking. This product is for indoor use only.
Satin finish
No need for spray finish
Instant dry coating
Superior image quality

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